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Another Reminder about PVC Doors

by Brian HSS on 06/22/16

Consider a scenario:- You are going away for the weekend and leaving your teenage daughter to house sit. She is almost 20 and trustworthy, so no problem. She is woken just after midnight to a noise, and on opening the bedroom door she comes fact to face with two men, dressed in hoodies. She screams........ Lucky for her the burglars, expecting the house to be empty I guess, take fright and run down the stairs and out the front door. (It could have been a far worse ending.) Apparently she was not aware that just putting the handle up on the inside of the door does not secure the door properly, you have to use the key or thumbturn to secure the locks in place. A screwdriver was inserted into the frame, a little pressure,the locks disengaged and they walked straight in. £50 stolen from kitchen, minor damage to the door....and one daughter traumatised, for how long is anyones guess. PVC doors need locking with a key, just the same as when you leave the property. Please spread the word to family and friends who have these doors.

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