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Beware of Cheap UPVC Doors

by Brian HSS on 06/03/16

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so they say. You buy a £20,000 Rolex watch from a street market on Holiday for £5. It looks the same as the original but you know its not the real thing. You know in life you get the quality you pay for. Sadly this reasoning doesn't extend to the security of your home if you are buying a new UPVC front door. These doors have been around for over a decade and since that time standards of construction and design have moved on as have the British Standards in security of these doors. ( beware of old BS markings, doors are now 2016 rated)There is still a market for the older, cheaper door but just because it looks the same doesn't mean it is a secure or robust. I have seen panel kicked out of doors with the minimum of effort or noise so offenders can just climb straight in. British Standard approved UPVC doors cost from the £300 mark upwards to doors that will resist the most brutal attempt to break in. Again I have also witnessed first hand a top of the range UPVC door resist over 30 hits with a Police enforcer and still the door didn't yield. In fact the door frame broke away from the surrounding brickwork and went in complete with frame. Happily offenders don't walk around with enforcers. The link below will take you to some videos of the resilience of the older style door that can be picked up very cheaply and one that is designed to resist attempts. This is not intended as an endorsement to any particular Companies but just to show how two doors that look the same are in fact worlds apart. So if your thinking of a new UPVC door then do your research, be guided by the information not by cost alone.

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