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Bexley Burglary Figures

by Brian HSS on 02/29/16

Bexleyheath is one of the safest Boroughs in Greater London.

Police Burglary figures released on their crime figures website for Bexleyheath show there were 694 reported residential burglaries in a rolling 12 month period to January 2016. A 19% reduction on the 858 recorded for same period ending January 2015. However, there have been 86 recorded residential burglaries for January 2016.

(Damage to buildings/premises that appears to have been caused by a person attempting to enter to commit a burglary is also counted as burglary.)

Sadly 694 victims equates to 13+ per week. Most burglaries are committed by opportunists who look for certain “weaknesses” in a property. No house can be made totally secure because we have glass windows, but there is lots you CAN do to make your home less “attractive” to an opportunist burglar. Check out the website for free tips and advice.

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