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Hot Weather Warning

by Brian HSS on 07/23/16

Well the hot weather has certainly arrived in force, hot sunny days followed by hot humid nights. How to stay cool is the priority for us all. Throw open the windows and let a breeze flow through. Sadly we are now at the Summer upsurge in burglaries. The open windows, doors are an invitation for an offender to try his luck. After a month of no burglaries in my area I have dealt with four in the past three days. The first not really attributed to the hot weather but the old PVC door problem.  The door in question took one kick to put the bottom panel in completely and no one heard a thing. By the time I had visited, the door had been replaced by a modern PVC door so I was not able to examine the damaged door. Whilst completing a security survey I came across a small secluded back yard accessed by large patio doors that were problably installed 30 years ago, sadly these old doors can be lifted clean out of the runners and the whole door removed... Next to the doors was a small unlocked shed with plenty of  choices of tools to do just that.. The next visit was a classical hot weather burglary, on going to bed the occupants forgot they had left a large window open facing the street downstairs. The passing offender just climbed in and took two laptops. Next a couple who had their rear patio doors and windows open. A family BBQ in the garden and then later sitting down in the cool of the front room watching some TV....Bed time, they then found they had been burgled and items of jewellery stolen..... the offender had entered thrugh the rear door and sneaked upstairs, stole some items and then sneaked back out... Finally, the last visit was just carelessness. Premises was a flat above a shop with the flat door in the street. A staircase straight up to a landing and the actual flat door. The occupant had the downstairs door open all day to create a nice through breeze. At bedtime they shut their flat door but left the street door open. Sadly an expensive bicycle was left on the landing. Obviously it was gone next morning.... In ten years I have yet to survey a property that didnt have a glaring weakness that the burglar ( and I ) easily spotted. Enjoy the nice weather but maintain the fact that one moments lack of concentration can cause months / years of anguish. As  Bumblebee posters state Almost Secure Homes Almost Don't get Burgled.

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