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Little Book of Big Scams

by Brian HSS on 10/09/16

Although the main service this website provides is centered around burglary, or more importantly the easy steps home owners can take to reduce their risk of becoming a victim, it is also about crime prevention in all its guises. One important, and under reported crime is from the older generation who pride themselves on being independent but become increasingly vulnerable to the art of the con man. Some scams are very sophisticated. Like the phone call pretending to be from the bank and the offer for the victim to call their bank to confirm the callers identity. I wont go into how this is achieved here but believe me its a very simple process using the callers mute button. (I understand that BT are /have stopped this loophole in the system) But the way it went was the victim was convinced they were speaking to their bank and popped their bank card with pin number in an envelope to be collected by a legitimate cab. The fraud would take a few days to be discovered.

The blatant unsophisticated where a bogus builder overcharges the victim for poor work, for a few hundred for work that would cost a lot less the bogus builder will come back over and over again. One classic is to clear gutters... the work is never done but the victim is charged.. I have even see a water pistol used to wet wall/ and chair to “prove” a leak in the guttering followed by a charge of a hundred pounds with the promise the “builder” was off to get his ladders.... he never came back. The victims realised they had been conned but were too embarrassed to tell their family. Losses to the vulnerable in excess of £50k is no exaggeration

The Metropolitan Police have produced a superb booklet, The little book of Big Scams. ( now in its third edition) covering the most current scams. You should be able to pick up a copy from your local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team or online. I have put a PDF version on the downloads page of the website...Download it, read it and protect yourselves, your family, your parents etc..

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1. anna williams said on 10/14/16 - 04:16PM
thank you for the info and the download, will pass it on to my mum.

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