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Repeat Victims

by Brian HSS on 11/15/16

One question (and fear) that I come across at every burglary is the fear that the burglars will return. Although its not the answer they want to here the answer is, statistically, yes. There have been several studies and the data would seem to indicate that the chances of becoming a repeat victim after a recent burglary are greater than the chances of being a victim for the first time.

There are several reasons for this being the case. Firstly the burglar has been inside the property, has seen any weaknesses in the homes security from the inside, so knows how to get in a second time. He may have seen items that he was not equipped to take, like large TVs a safe not etc and could return with transport. It could be that he would expect the items he stole previously have been replaced and lastly he got away with it once so the area may be weak in terms of observant neighbours.

You would think that, after a burglary the occupants would be more security aware and make the necessary improvements to make their home less “attractive” to an offender. Sadly this is not always the case. There could be many reasons why improvements are not made, cost seems to come up quite often however, most of the improvements victims are offered cost nothing or just a few pounds. One victim of burglary I visited a couple of months back had lost a few items, Xbox, laptop, a new Iphone and some cash and jewelry. The offender had gone down the side entrance between the house and detached garage, climbed on top of a wheelie bin onto the garage roof and over the side gate. Entrance was through an insecure window with a damaged lock at the rear of the property. Part of my advice was to move the gate towards the front of the alley in line with the garage to put it in view of the pavement. To secure thin trellis across the top of the gate and garage to deter easy access, move the wheelie bins on the inside with a chain securing the gate and bins and to get the window lock replaced / repaired.

I had to return last week as they had become a victim yet again, this time the loss of property was a lot more. The gate was still in situ, the wheelie bin still on the outside of the gate and the faulty window lock had not been changed. Something they were going to get around to but never did. They are not the first and will certainly not be the last victims through their own complacency. After all, lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place.... Or does it

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