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Spring Time

by Brian HSS on 06/01/16

At last
we have some nice weather and its time to get into the garden and get things straight for the Summer. Burglaries tend to start a small decline as the lighter evenings mean less opportunity to identify houses that are still in darkness past 5pm, meaning the occupants probably are out all day at work. However there are still signs and opportunities developing as the days improve. Nice weather over the bank holiday weekends... a trip out to the coast or country park, so an opprtunist will be on the lookout for families crowding into their cars for a day out or long weekend away. Consider the automatic timers to switch lights on and off in the evening if you are planning to be away. Windows left open / ajar so we can have some fresh air circulating. An open window is an invitation, especially at the back of the house, so if your going out, close and lock all windows. Patio doors that have been closed all winter now give access to the garden and its possible to forget to close and lock them at night.A long day tidying the garden.... sit back and enjoy the evening, a reward for a days good work, garden is looking neat and ready for BBQ's over the Summer so sit back, take a breather and enjoy. But when its time to go indoors make sure you put all the tools away in the shed /garage, a large proportion of burglaries are commited using tools found at the address. Whilst your at the shed, give it a once over, how has it survived the winter?. Is the door frame and lock area still strong or is it starting to become a bit rotten or weak.  If there are no tools in the garden, neglected and poorly secured sheds etc will be a gift to a burglar so make sure they are secure.Burglars dont take holidays they wait for us to and then they get to work. Enjoy the coming Spring but don't let the nice weather and relaxed atmosphere give you a false sense of security. Enjoy the weather but keep the family and home safe.

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