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Is Burglary just a Property Crime

by Brian HSS on 02/15/16

Burglary is always thought of as a “Property Crime” ….When burglaries are spoken about the questions will usually be:- what was taken?, did they lose much? Sadly, the emotional effects on the victim and more importantly, children, are very rarely thought about but the effects are very real and can be long lasting. Figures from a recent survey by www.victimsupport.org.uk show: One in four burglary victims say they experienced mental health issues after a break-in, such as increased anxiety or symptoms of depression. 27% said that their child’s sleep was affected following a break-in at their home, while 11% reported it had a negative impact on their child’s performance at school. 32 % of parents found their children’s sense of personal safety and well-being affected and 10% reported an increase in their child’s bed-wetting.You can check crime in your postcode at www.ukcrimestats.com

The Aftermath of a Burglary

by Brian HSS on 01/11/16

Being the victim of a burglary can take its toll. In addition to financial loss, burglary victims are often left with psychological and emotional scars as a result of these types of crimes. In fact, studies show that victims of burglaries often experience emotions similar to those of victims of assault and other types of violent crimes. The psychological effects of a break-in can lead to feelings and emotions like the following:

Constant and overwhelming fear.
Anger that can affect all areas of a victim's life.
Grief over lost belongings, as well as over lost feelings of safety, security and peace of mind.
Feelings of guilt over failing to protect one's home.
Also, due to the way break-ins are handled by authorities, as well as their low probability of ever being solved, many victims develop a deep distrust of police and their ability to protect and serve homeowners. This can cause burglary victims to feel perpetually unsafe and afraid in their own homes. As a result of this, many victims even experience difficulties in their careers and personal lives. The emotions associated with being the victim of a burglary can lead to physical symptoms as well as emotional and psychological.
Many victims of break-ins report physical symptoms like the ones listed below.

Chronic anxiety.
Sleeplessness or insomnia.
Obsessive/compulsive behaviours.

Extracted from a very well presented report from
and information from
In our opinion, an article well worth reading.

Important information you need to know

by Brian HSS on 11/02/15

A new webpage explaining the method of entry that is becoming popular with burglars. Key Bumping and Lock Snapping. Check out the HSS Services page

Locking UPVC Doors

by Brian HSS on 10/20/15

Sadly I had to attend another burglary victim recently. He had a state of the art bicycle stolen from his hallway. It took many months and several thousands of pounds to build. His door was one of the most secure with five point locking but he thought just putting the handle up from the inside locked the door. It doesn't you have to use the key as well. A nice family,I hope he gets his bike back. He has uploaded a photo on to www.immobilise.com so the Police may well recover it. Please, all UPVC door owners, put the handle up and turn the key when going to bed. Just make sure you have the key to hand if you need to get out in an emergency. Not left n the lock.

Xmas words of Warning

by Brian HSS on 10/20/15

With Christmas just around the corner I though to share some CP advice with you. Burglaries rise over this period for obvious reasons. There are rich pickings  available, families go out to visit relatives and empty houses are dark in the early evenings. Consider some light timers to automatically switch lights on as it gets dark. ( or ask a friendly neighbour to pop in and turn a few on for you) A radio left on also give the impression someones home.

After Christmas, if you have purchased expensive presents like Laptops, Ipads etc please make sure you don't advertise the fact by putting the boxes on display by the bins. Tear them up or, if too big, then cut along one side and turn the box inside out so all a passer by can see is plain cardboard.

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