In order to find a solution we first have to identify the problem. Read through the page and consider your thoughts about burglaries and your exposure to the risk of being a victim.

A house could have all the latest security features, locks, sensors and alarms and CCTV fitted but unless they are used as a habit then the security is very poor. The Security of the home is a two part system. 40% Hardware and 60% Mindset. You need to develop your own security consciousness, because you are the major part of your over all Home Security and family safety. So lets get started by dispelling some widely held Myths.

​Only RICH houses get burgled

Without a doubt the big imposing houses do attract attention from Burglars simply because they are usually detached with large grounds and the “would be burglar” would expect to find rich pickings inside. Any burglar that would attempt such a Break In would be very “experienced” and be well prepared for the enhanced security this type of property would have. But these style of houses are a very small percentage of overall crime map. The majority of properties I have visited to offer crime prevention advice have been the everyday, “normal” households both mortgaged and rented, private landlord or Council Houses.

I have nothing worth stealing.

In fact you have a lot that a burglar would find worthwhile, more than you could ever believe. Anything that can be sold, even for a couple of pounds down the pub, are stolen on a regular basis. Mobile phones, cash, even small change, DVDs, CD's Laptops and Games consoles, Remember, the type of burglar we are looking at will be happy to smash a £400 car window to steal £2 in change he can see in the center consul. 

But let us just agree you have absolutely nothing of value. Returning home to find the door forced open, all the drawers emptied and thrown across the room, bed upturned, cupboards emptied, How would you feel ?, shocked?, angry?, tearful? afraid?. I have seen all these emotions. The one place you could feel safe and secure has been violated. Police will advise to try and touch nothing to preserve any forensic evidence that may be found by the scene of crimes officer. So you may have to spend several hours touching as little as possible whilst waiting for the entry point to be secured and for the forensic people to arrive (could be the next day). Do you have children ? would you want them to see all the damage or would you be making frantic phone calls for someone to have them for a day, Once forensics have finished you can you start to tidy up. Only then will you find just what is missing. Then you have days dealing with your Contents Insurance Company, trying to find receipts for the more expensive items.

It will never happen to me

​Sadly, this is the most common response I come across " I never thought it would happen to me" I have visited people that have lived in the same address for 20 - 30 years and have been burgled. Likewise a young couple only recently moved to a nice area, thought they had it all sorted, but didn't bother fixing the lock on the porch door. I have seen families never wanting to stay in the house ever again so sell up / move

You may well not see that you have anything of value for the burglar to take, but indeed you have. One of the most precious things any family can have, but it will certainly be taken from you...

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