Government Office for National Statistics
A very informative site with large amounts of data presented in a spreadsheet format.  It takes a little while to get to grips with the percentage statistics but  there are many surveys for all types of Crimes etc.
UK Crime Stats
A much more "user friendly" website that lists lots of subjects as well as Crime Statistics but it has the option to search for Crime information according to postcodes.  Also there is a tab for Police Services so you can check the crime stats for each particular Police Service
Police UK
This site allows you to select your regions Police Service to view various crime maps. It also has information about rogue callers, scams etc that are currently doing the rounds.  A superb source for all types of crime information and information about your area
Govt Office for National Statistics
There are many many websites offering crime prevention advice of one sort or another. I have provided just a few that I think give the best advice that I also use in my Home Security Survey Reports. Click on a banner and you will be taken to the site in the same browser window. Just click on your back button to return to this page once you have finished
UK Crime Statistics
Police UK
Metropolitan PoliceBurglry advice website
Operation Bumblebee
This site  is the London Metropolitan Police's initiative targeting burglaries.  A super source of Home Security  information that benefits all households not just in London. There are lots of links to good advice on all sorts of subjects and well worth a visit.
uk national property register
Immobilise is a free to use website and highly recommended by Home Security Surveys. Once registered you can upload details of a hosts of expensive items in the home using serial numbers and photographs of the items etc. From Cameras to bicycles, Laptops to Mobile Phones and a lot more. Mobile phones are especially important as all the details are also registered automatically  on the NMPR ( National Mobile Phone Register) The NMPR is the national police database of registered property ownership and stolen property records
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The NMPR is searched thousands of times a day by Police forces all over the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland. As a member of the public, if you wish to make your property ownership details viewable to the police you can do so by obtaining a FREE account at 
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